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[14 Jan 2016|11:16am]
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There...the year is officially over in my fucked-up movie-obsessed mind [07 Mar 2010|09:53pm]
I shall share with you my thoughts on the Oscars and I don't give a shit that you don't give a shit. This crap pleases me a great deal.

-This is the only time of year I wish I had cable so I could switch around at the red carpet bullshittery. Kathy Ireland? Really? Her right hand was flailing about so dangerously I thought she might smack someone upside the head. She was so very proud of pronouncing Gaby's name right that she kept saying over and over..each time LOUDER. Holy fuck.

-Neil Patrick Harris should have just done the whole thing. Alec and Steve are too skeevy to be enjoyable.

-I love Quentin and all, but his movie got the exact right amount of Oscars. It's funny that QT helped Travolta restart his career and the director of the Oscars was the one that killed it.

-The animation nominations were cute...especially the one from Up. Adorable. That movie touched me more than I expected.

-Suzy Amis worries me. She looked like she had left her death bed to appear at this party and kept staring at her husband like he was Jesus coming to take her home. *shudder*

-Ben Stiller annoys the fuck out of me.

-Mo'Nique deserved that damn statue. Love her and her hairy legs. Her performance in Precious was goddamn blood-chilling. I'm glad the script got an award as well. It was worth it to see Sapphire jump up and down in her seat.

-What was up with the documentary lady? She was involved in the film, right?

-Death montage was poorly designed, but the stage was GORGEOUS.

-Ok. I love the SYTYCD kids so very much. I really do. Total fangirl nerd for the fancy dancing, but not at the damn Oscars. Adam could have spent more time on other things like making some sense of the whole mess and moving it along a little quicker.

-Jeff Bridges wife is LUMINOUS. He is truly a very lucky man.

-The best actor introductions should have been enough...why a separate announcer? Could they not decide who would open the envelope? Oprah made me cry, goddammit. Hell...Sandra Bullocks's classy ass, yet totally low key speech made me choke up a bit.

-Kathryn Bigelow's winning and nearly hyperventilating was one of the greatest moments ever. Fuck yeah. First win for a woman and it's a motherfucking serious WAR movie. Wonderful.

-Should I talk about the dresses? Carey's had cute little charms all over it like scissors and telephones. I want that dress...with sleeves. Sandy looked like a sparkly glass of champagne. Meryl was wearing Chris March! The image of those two hanging out made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maggie looked original without being weird. Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she was wearing a Project Runway panic fail. I am done and officially sick of the whole thing until next year.
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[15 Jan 2010|10:19am]
Last night I was watching something on the goddamn tv that showed before and after satellite pictures of Haiti and discovered that newest and most modern building in Port-au_Prince was a Citibank. FUCKING BULLSHIT.

Why is it that journalists and their crews have no problems dragging their shit to report on all the white people being saved when planes containing actual help and supplies can't land?

Fuck the corporate media and everything it feeds from.

I am very angry and upset with the state of the world today and my petty little problems mean nothing.
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This made me a little emotional [17 Aug 2009|10:23am]
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[29 Jul 2009|10:38am]
It is surface of the sun hot here and I am having trouble maintaining a positive attitude. My goddamn housemate told me that my sweaty headachey misery was all in my head and it was all I could do to not stab him in the heart.

I am drinking so much water. Ugh. Now I must walk to work and resist the urge to throw myself into traffic.
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I suffer through Sookie and Bill's sickmaking crap for this... [24 Jul 2009|07:58am]
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Oddities [05 Jun 2009|08:26am]
Yesterday afternoon I finished reading The Kill Bill Diaries which was David Carradines account of what happened while filming these amazing movies. I closed the book and ruminated over what an egotistical douchebag the guy was then came in the house and turned on the computing machine and found out that the old dude had been found dead.

I was forced to watch Kung Fu as a kid and for some reason it always kind of creeped me out. I prefer all the other Carradines to David. Seems like it was an appropriate way for him to die. Rest in peace, you decrepit old perv.
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[12 May 2009|03:20pm]
Some days would be better spent running around punching fuckers in the face. It would be much more relaxing.
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Love it [28 Apr 2009|05:01pm]
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Know your enemy....and laugh at them. [18 Apr 2009|04:37pm]

I bet none of these people have ever been properly fucked.
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stuff [11 Apr 2009|02:05pm]
No recollection as to where I got this picture or the details behind it, but I stare at it a lot. There is something chilling about the swirling masses turning into this giant freaky eyeball.

Religion scares me a little bit.

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[14 Feb 2009|07:14pm]
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The future is looking better all the time [29 Jan 2009|04:58pm]

A few months ago this song was triggering a white-hot rage. Now I feel slightly weepy with the beauty of it all.
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Work related [20 Jan 2009|04:35pm]
Yesterday can be summed up in these two experiences:

An older woman was in my line practically vibrating with excitement over the fact it was the last day of Bush. It was adorable. She spit a few insults and then gushed about the beauty of the day. Right behind her was a young guy in a Coast Guard t-shirt and his girlfriend. I asked him if he was currently serving and let him know about the military discount on Tuesdays. He said he had never been in our store before, but it was good to know. The woman in front of him turned around and said "OH! Let me pay for your food! Thank you for what you do!" She handed me some money and took off.


It was almost time for me to go home and a regular came up to the end of my line. I've always gotten a weird feeling from her, but couldn't place why because she was always perfectly pleasant. I thought it was charming that a woman my mom's age used a Sex Pistols lunch box for a purse. She stopped in front of the magazine rack and pointed at a picture of Obama and said "The only black thing about him is his wife".


Today was gorgeous and sunny and people were all smiling and puffy-eyed and I'm weirdly ok with it.
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The neverending cycle of nothing [21 Nov 2008|09:14am]

This brought a small amount of joy to my life.
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[19 Nov 2008|11:39pm]
Everyone can go fuck themselves with rusty knives.

I am too tired to give a shit any longer.
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[10 Nov 2008|10:54am]

Right now on my television Anthony Bourdain is attempting to play hockey.

This is like porn to me.
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Dumb rich people post. [02 Nov 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | amused ]

I've always kind of hated Andy Warhol and his minions. The whole scene was so superficial and self-absorbed and....ugh. It seemed to me like a bunch of spoiled rich kids surrounding themselves with "fascinating" people and exploiting them for profit. It's everything I despise about the Business of art. One of the worst dates I ever had was a boy who insisted upon taking me to a Warhol film festival. It was torture.

I just came across this horror show and the old lady proved me right.

I’m absolutely addicted to Fox News – I love it. I love Roger Ailes … frankly I don’t really think it’s biased.

Yeah. She's a moron with awful taste.

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[24 Aug 2008|10:44am]
I've been watching Generation Kill and I have to stop it every five minutes to catch my breath because it's so horrifying.

I wish Ed Burns and David Simon would run for public office. Some honesty would be nice for a change.

Finding the truth in anything these days is like a unicorn sighting.


oooh...the upright Dartmouth educated soldier is played by the adorable gay son in Die, Mommy, Die.

Also, the kid with the most lines is my favorite rapist vigilante who played Ziggy in The Wire.

After work I may come up with a longer and better list of reasons to watch this show.
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pretty pretty pony [22 Aug 2008|02:37pm]
Ok, I kind of hate the music, but this is the most awesome horse ever.

It's the hug at the end that gets me.
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